Animated videos promoting SDGs among youth

One of the civil society partners on the SDGs for ALL Platform, the Timok Youth Center as part of the Platform’s economic pillar, has produced 18 animated videos with the purpose to illustrate each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals...


“SDGs for All” Annual Conference: Agenda 2030 – Meeting New Challenges

We are kindly inviting you to take part at the “SDGs for All” Platform annual conference to be held on KUDO platform on December 8 and 9 (Tuesday and Wednesday) at 11 am. AGENDA Participants will include the representatives of...


A society-wide dialogue platform for Serbia is launched

The event held on March 4 at the “Dorćol Platz” in Belgrade, marked the official launch of a society-wide dialogue platform for Serbia to enable a broad discussion among the Serbia’s most non state actors, including civil society, corporate sector,...