Ana and Vlade Divac



The Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation was established in 2007, as an independent and nonprofit association to help citizens, particularly, refugees and internally displaced persons, to practically address their living and existential problems, with special emphasis on addressing their housing problems.

The foundation was established by Ana and Vlade Divac, as a continuation of their twenty years of humanitarian work, which began in the United States within the Humanitarian Organization Divac (HOD). In the past 13 years, the organization has focused its support primarily on refugees and internally displaced persons (on addressing their housing problems), the improvement of conditions for raising children and youth, the development of philanthropy and social entrepreneurship.

Thanks to the support of 700,000 individuals, 700 companies, and 83 organizations, the Foundation has raised 22 million US dollars to-date and secured assistance for 710,000 people.

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