The “SDGs for All” Platform enables a broad discussion among the Serbia’s non-state actors, including civil society, corporate sector, academic and research community, media and the citizens, on aligning Serbia’s development priorities within the objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The “SDGs for All” Platform is supported by the Governments of Switzerland and Germany and implemented by GIZ, within the project “Public Finance Reform – 2030 Agenda”. The Platform was launched at the conference held on March 4, 2020 in Belgrade.

This Platform is structured in three pillars corresponding to the three dimensions of sustainable development: social, economic and environmental, but from the overall management perspective, it is operated in an integrated manner, recognizing that the SDGs and targets are closely interlinked.

Each pillar is managed by a responsible pillar coordinator, a credible and resourceful Serbian civil society organization, selected as a result of a public and transparent selection process.

The three pillars are supported by the Secretariat which has a coordinating function and is administered by GIZ.

The division of responsibilities across the Platform looks like this:

Smart kolektiv conducts activities in order to further improve knowledge and better understanding of SDGs within the corporate sector, and their inclusion in business strategies.

Note: Goal 17 “Partnerships to achieve the Goals” is of cross-cutting nature and will therefore be covered by all three pillar coordinators equally.


The key objectives of the platform

Facilitation of dialogue: The Platform aims to establish a society-wide dialogue for defining and implementing SDG-related policy priorities and open space for discussion and consent-building with decision makers on different levels.

Awareness raising: The Platform will raise awareness and build knowledge about SDGs across various segments of the Serbian society and among various audience.

Utilization and linking of networks: The Platform will link existing civil society and other non-state actors’ networks and will provide room for a cross-sector dialogue and support consensus building among different stakeholders.

Advance mutual learning and knowledge exchange: The Platform seeks to strengthen the knowledge dissemination role of non-state actors and facilitate mutual learning and knowledge exchange among CSOs, businesses, professional associations, research organizations and international actors.

Enhance monitoring and accountability: The Platform support monitoring and accountability by collecting, systematizing and providing data on SDGs implementation.

Call for Action: In order to encourage the active engagement of stakeholders and general public over the 2030 Agenda implementation in Serbia, the Platform will open various channels for active participation in the discussion about Serbia’s future and invites you to get involved.

In addition to the society wide dialogue at the national level, the Platform will also be active at the local level acknowledging the need to localize SDGs and ensure ground delivery of the identified national development priorities. The Platform will implement activities in 10 municipalities: Užice, Požega, Priboj, Sremski Karlovci, Zaječar, Bor, Knjaževac, Pirot, Apatin and Sombor, but will seek to create multiplier effects in other communities as well.