Beogradska otvorena škola




Belgrade Open School (BOS) is a nonprofit, educational, civil society organization founded in 1993, with a vision that a better society is based on freedom, knowledge, and innovation.

BOS  is an organization whose work is based on three strategic goals: human resource development, improvement of public policies, and capacity building.

In terms of human resources development, educational programs, training, counseling, and study visit in different fields represent tailored made activities, and in accordance with the needs of users. These activities aim to strengthen the human resources of users and to build a network of leaders of social change based on freedom, knowledge, and innovation.

In the field of improving public policies, the goal of BOS is to improve the quality of public policies, based on fact and evidence in the fields of good governance, energy, climate, and environmental protection, European integration, youth policies and improving employability, through two thematic priorities- Career guidance and counseling and linking education and the labor market. BOS creates, advocates for, monitors and evaluates and provides support for the implementation of public policies in the above-mentioned fields.

Capacity building is the third goal of BOS through which cooperation is established with organizations, institutions, and companies that are ready to change and improve themselves, their surroundings, and the community in which they work. Through educational programs, training, professional, technical and financial support, as well as through creating and providing innovative service, BOS meets the needs of civil, public, and private sectors of society.

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