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Center for Democracy Foundation is a Serbian based not-for profit, non-governmental and non-partisan organization.

Mission: We encourage and mobilize citizens for building a democratic society based on solidarity and sustainable development, to advance economic, social and cultural rights and advocate for accountable and efficient institutions through research, education and public dialogue.

Foundation`s founders are experienced and prominent opinion makers in Serbia: sociologists, lawyers, philosophers, politicians, artists, political analysts, psychologists, media experts … Center for Democracy Foundation is recognized in public for its devotion to public dialogue, strong institutions and for improvement and protection of economic and social rights, with focus on work related rights. CDF is member of ALDA (Association of Local Democracy Agencies), Strasbourg, France, UN Global Compact, FEPS (Foundation of European Progressive Studies), Brussels, Belgium; Cooperation agreement with Trade Union Independence and with CATUS; Lead Partner in Regional Youth Compact for Europe, a 14-member consortium of CSOs and think tanks from WB, Turkey and Europe

Center for Democracy Foundation works through three programmatic domains:  EU VALUES AND EU INTEGRATION – Strengthening Human Resources and Institutional capacity; LABOUR, EMPLOYMENT AND SOCIAL COHESION; and PUBLIC DIALOGUE:

Dedicated to Promoting EU values in Serbia: Along 25 years of operation, CDF has advocated for integration of Serbia into the EU, through strengthening of human resources and institutional capacities for democracy, rule of law and human rights. CDF is highly competent in promoting EU values and policies on local level, with experience in development of human resources and institutional capacities.

Advocating for a Stronger Social Dimension of the EU integration process: From trade unions to employers, and from academia to civil society and by constantly increasing its expertise and experience in the monitoring of economic, social and labor rights in a changing economic environment and the development perspective, CDF influences public policies through recommending modification of legal and institutional framework. This expertise earned the CDF a position of a Chair of the Working group for monitoring Chapters 2 and 19 (Freedom of Movement for Workers and Social Policy and Employment) within the National Convention on the EU (NCEU) The Foundation has provided direct legal advice to more than 20,000 people.

Promoting Public Dialogue: We bring together policy makers, experts, businessmen, journalists and social activists. Together we engage in debating key issues and search for common approaches in finding solutions. The CDF Platform Dialogue in the Center is a place for public dialogue, where scholars, activists, politicians and analysts exchange their views on key strategic issues and development challenges We participate in all relevant EU accession-related fora and events, such as in the meeting of the Joint Consultative Committee EU-Serbia on civil society and annual briefings at the EU Delegation on the EC report on Serbia.

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