The application EU SDG Profile Creator uses Eurostat database feature to access database directly, through the web services that Eurostat offers free of charge to end users. Within the application users can select among one of three Eurostat database languages, SDG set year, indicators, countries (and or institutions), time period(s), and the language to translate the report to. The report (EU SDG profile) is created quickly in one of the selected languages: English, French, German (offered by Eurostat) or translated into Serbian (Cyrillic or Latin script). The report is based on whole set of existing EU SDG data in Eurostat database. The report itself is a comprehensive excel document that contains detailed tables, charts and descriptions (short indicators metadata), and each SDG indicator is presented on separate tab.

The application is flexible enough to select between many different parameters, in order to get automatically customized final produced report. If needed, the created tables and charts can by further easily customized and then used in other reports and presentations, like Word, PowerPoint etc.

The potential users are all those that need to compare and analyse, in an easy and intuitive way, the EU SDG indicators between different countries and over the time.

To download the portable version of this tool click here:

Note: to use the tool set English (United States) in Regional format settings

User guide for the EU SDG Profile Creator could be find here:

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