Upon the invitation of the National Assembly, the representatives of the “SDGs for All Platform” took part in a public hearing on the topic of “Implementation of the United Nations Climate Change Conference – COP26 Agreement in Serbia”. The event was organized on December 3 by the Environmental Protection Committee of the National Assembly of Serbia and upon the initiative of the informal Green Parliamentary Group.

National Assembly Speaker Ivica Dačić conveyed the core messages of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, which he was part of, stressing that the fight against climate change is the number one topic in today’s world and the most important ingredient of national policies.

During the panels that ensued, representatives of state institutions presented the activities in the field of climate change and discussed the ways to solve key challenges in this field. The panels brought together the representatives of the Ministries of Environmental Protection; Mining and Energy; Education, Science and Technological Development; Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management; Construction, Transport and Infrastructure; for Human and Minority Rights and Social Dialogue, the Secretariat for Environmental Protection of the City of Belgrade, the Green Parliamentary Group, the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute and the University of Belgrade.

Nada Lazić, Special Adviser for Sustainable Development at the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights and Social Dialogue, stressed the importance of introducing SDGs into the planning documents in the context of climate change, and specifically focused on the SDGs 7 (affordable and clean energy) and 13 (climate action). She also shared her experience from a series round tables on sustainable development at the local level held within the Public Finance Reform – Agenda 2030 project.

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