The analysis “Economic Empowerment of Women in Serbia and the 2030 Agenda”

The analysis “Economic Empowerment of Women in Serbia and Agenda 2030” came from the thematic group on gender equality led by the Center for Democracy Foundation, within the social pillar of the “SDGs for All” Platform. The document was drafted in January 2022.

The analysis deals with the economic empowerment of women as a basis for achieving gender equality in all societal domains, and in the context of relevant goals from the 2030 Agenda. Based on the Gender Equality Index and available statistics, one of the key conclusions is that the progress in this area has been unstable thus far, and that the economic position of women in Serbia has been deteriorating, especially as a result of the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the findings of the analysis, the key factors of economic empowerment of women at the national level are: improved level and structure of education, better access to the labor market and to the leadership roles within the economic sphere.

The document will be used to monitor the implementation of the Gender Equality Strategy, the Action Plan for the Implementation of the Gender Equality Strategy and the implementation of the Law on Gender Equality, especially from the perspective of economic empowerment of women.


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