Serbia 2030: Development priorities – the non-state sector report

The report “Serbia 2030: Development priorities – the non-state sector report”, prepared in December 2020, by civil society organizations gathered around the “SDGs for All” Platform, proposes key development priorities that Serbia should strive for in the next decade to ensure a better life for her citizens.

Priorities are classified into 8 priority categories:

(I) healthy life and health care for all;

(II) dignity for all Serbian citizens;

(III) Reaching European level of rule of law and the institutional quality;

(IV) competitive economy and productive jobs;

(V) skills for sustainable and smart development and the future of labour;

(VI) responsible and efficient use of natural resources;

(VII) clean and resilient local communities; and

(VIII) safeguarding natural and cultural heritage.


The key findings of the Report are calling on the Government of the Republic of Serbia and all competent decision makers to start the process of drafting a comprehensive Development Plan, provided by the Law on Planning System, as well as the process of nationalization of Agenda 2030 – and to inform and encourage these two processes. The report illustrates how the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals can be used in formulating national development priorities and policies. We expect that this report will motivate stakeholders – primarily civil society organizations and the business sector – to actively contribute to further dialogue on shaping the direction of the development of the society and on priorities setting.


Please visit the Serbian section in order to take part in the discussion around this document.

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