Uncovering myths about climate change

30 September 2020 5:00 PM 6:00 pm Uncovering myths about climate change

At the moment, the average temperature of the Earth is about 1 degree higher than it was in the pre-industrial period. This causes significant changes in the climate that are felt on all meridians, with the least developed countries being the most affected. By signing the Paris Agreement, all countries in the world have agreed to keep a global temperature rise in this century well below two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, but the policies currently in force will not be enough to fulfill that.

Sustainable Development Goal 13 – Climate action – under the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development implies increasing ambitions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and commitment to stronger climate action to prevent the worst effects of climate change

In order to provide sufficient support for adoption of the necessary measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, there needs to be a social consensus on the issue of climate change. However, despite the fact that the vast majority of scientists agree on the reasons why our planet is warming, some myths survive and confuse people.

Eastern Europe and the Balkans are parts of the world that are increasingly affected by climate change compared to the average. The region is expected to become even warmer and drier, while long dry periods are replaced by short periods of intense rainfall followed by floods. Given the extreme weather conditions that are becoming more common, the question arises as to how this affects Serbia and its citizens.

As this topic concerns all of us, the goal of this webinar is to gather both those who are interested in the topic of climate change and those who are not, in order to encourage dialogue and dispel the most common myths about climate change. During the discussion, the moderator will take on the role of a skeptical uncle questioning scientists about climate change, while the audience will have the opportunity to share their concerns and ask questions to the panelists.

Things you want to know:

How can we explain the colder episodes if the climate is really warming up (the difference between weather and climate)?
Don’t Milankovic’s cycles explain climate change?
How can scientists predict the way the climate will change in the future when they often cannot guess the simple weather forecast?
Is the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by humans really higher than that coming from natural sources?

During the 60 minutes of the webinar, we will discuss these and other myths together with some of the leading climatologists in Serbia.


Citizens of the Republic of Serbia


prof. dr Vladimir Đurđević

Associate Professor in the Meteorology Department at the Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade

doc. dr Ana Vuković Vimić

Associate Professor, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade

Nemanja Milović

Founder and author of the Serbian site on climate change klima101.rs

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