Serbia’s Sustainable Development: How are we doing

Brochure “Serbia’s Sustainable Development – How are we doing” is  a  baseline  review  of  Serbia’s  human  development and environmental challenges as well as of the assets and limitations  it  faces  in  advancing  towards  attainment  of  sustainable  development goals (SDGs). It provides background information for the design of a society-wide dialogue to help shape Serbia’s nationalization of SDGs in  line  with  its  commitment  to  the  UN  2030  Agenda.  The document focuses on SDG dimensions, grouped in four pillars, considered key for Serbia’s human development, and it does not address existing policy goals or options, nor their implementation.

The brochure was part of the project „Preparatory Project for a Society-wide Dialogue Platform on SDGs for Serbia” supported by Government of Switzerland. It was created on the basis of  the  research  “Serbia  Sustainable  Development  Issues:  A  Baseline  Review”.  The  Baseline  Review  was  prepared  by  the  Center  of  Advanced  Economic  Studies  (CEVES),  led  by  Kori  Udovički  with  a  research  team  composed  of  Nemanja  Šormaz,  Danijela  Bobić, Aleksandra Urošev, Valentina Čolić, Mila Pejčić and Jelisaveta Lazarević.This  study  benefited  from  comments  by  participants  at  several  workshops  and  consultative  meetings,   as   well   as   from   bilateral   meetings   with   stakeholders.


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Sustainable development for all

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