On April 19, representatives of civil society organizations gathered around the “SDGs for All” Platform took part in a meeting on drafting a proposal for the Regulation on the procedure for the preparation of the draft Development Plan of the Republic of Serbia, alongside the representatives of the Public Policy Secretariat (PPS), the Ministry of European Integration (MEI), as well as  the members of GIZ implemented Public Finance Reform – Agenda 2030 project.

According to the PPS representative, the process of drafting the Regulation will be transparent and inclusive, and the process of drafting the future Development Plan will be determined by the Government, while the content will be defined by the National Assembly. The process of drafting the Regulation, which is currently in the consultation phase, and the process of the future Development Plan were also presented at the meeting.

Some of the most important recommendations by representatives of the “SDGs for All” Platform“ given at the meeting included the need to specify who appoints the members of the expert working group coming from the ranks of non-state actors (CSOs, academia and the business sector), the need to clarify the role of the National Assembly in the process, as well as a call for making the consultations as broad as possible and for the participants to be as informed as possible. “SDGs for All” Platform“ representatives also pointed out the need to ensure that the Analysis of the initial state sets goals and priorities, while serving as basis for the SDGs nationalization and prioritization.

The working group for drafting the Regulation is currently collecting all proposals and recommendations and will consolidate them in the coming period so that the Regulation can be adopted by the Government.

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