The ESG/SDG barometer, created in July 2022 by the Smart kolektiv, presents a short guide intended for companies thinking about their path to sustainability. It was created on the basis of a comparative analysis of trends in the world and a survey of the attitudes of leading companies operating in Serbia. This short but substantive document is intended primarily for decision-makers in companies, as a kind of guide through the dynamic environment impacted by a global wave of sustainability. In addition to clear indicators that companies should pay attention to, the publication also offers a set of recommendations intended for other partners and stakeholders.

The publication contains a cross-section of 6 key trends to pay a specific attention to: growing legal obligations, more available financing for sustainable practices, increasing expectations regarding transparency, increasing demand for sustainability professionals, improvements in the field of environmental protection as a main focus of the biggest number of companies and following the focus on environment, a sharp turn towards “S“.

In addition, the publication contains some of the observations and recommendations intended for decision-makers from all sectors, among which are: building a “business case”, the need for more efficient mechanisms of intersectoral cooperation, a strategy for the development of responsible and sustainable business, consistent implementation of adopted laws and development of services offered by civil society organizations.

You can find the document at this LINK (available in Serbian language only).

Sustainable development for all

17 global goals

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