Timok Youth Center, as part of the economic pillar of the “SDGs for ALL” Platform, conducted a research on the awareness of sustainable development goals among the young people in the Republic of Serbia. The research was done through quantitative (online questionnaire) and qualitative (focus groups with different groups of young people throughout Serbia) techniques and measures the young people’s self-reported knowledge, information and understanding of sustainable development goals and their importance for the society.

What emerges as the general conclusion of this research, is that the young people can be a strong ally to all institutions and organizations working to implement sustainable development goals. All aspects of sustainable development are important to young people, making them potential ambassadors for further promotion of the 2030 Agenda and increasing awareness on the importance of sustainable development goals. However, the results also show that the young people’s knowledge and information about the sustainable development goals are limited.

Despite relatively general recognition of the importance of environmental protection and social inclusion, more comprehensive educational efforts are needed to enhance young people awareness and a more thorough understanding about these two dimensions of sustainability (what they include, what the biggest issues are, challenges, opportunities, allies, etc.). It is particularly important to improve understanding of the concept of sustainable economic growth and its interdependence with the environmental protection and social cohesion.

The author of the research is Boban Stojanović.


You can find the entire research at this LINK

A short summary of the research can be found HERE:

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