The Economic Pillar of the “SDGs for ALL” Platform organized a round table “Supplier initiatives: a chance for growth and networking within the Serbian economy?” on October 29, within the Thematic group 1 “SMEs Serbia 2030 – Breaking the ceiling”. The Thematic group’s key objective is to establish a forum for dialogue among the representatives of enterprises, international institutions, civil society sector and the Government, with an aim to support creation of a modern domestic economy compatible with environmental sustainability, tailored to people’s needs and in line with the objectives and principles of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development.

The event gathered the representatives of enterprises and the Development Agency of Serbia in a discussion about the supplier initiatives, recognized as a valuable instrument for further development of the Serbian enterprises. The discussion contributed to better understanding of the current supplier initiatives and their main effects, and shed more light on the needs of the Serbian enterprises for their further development.

Thematic group 1 is expected to produce a set of policy recommendations for improving SMEs position in Serbia, which will further contribute to the economic growth and decent work, in line with the sustainable development goals of the 2030 Agenda. The policy recommendations will be offered to the process of drafting of a new SME development strategy.



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