Association of Citizens “Primus” from Priboj, a local partner of the environmental pillar of the “SDGs for ALL” Platform, organized an educational workshop for youth and an action of cleaning the banks of the Lim river, dubbed “Green Day”. Both events were held on October 23, in Priboj in cooperation with the municipal Youth Office.

The Green Day included a lecture on environmental SDGs, floating waste deposited on the Lim River banks and volunteer action to collect the waste and remove it. Following the lecture at the municipal Youth Center, the young volunteers were taken to the riverfront for the presentation of the situation with the floating waste covering the Lim River, from its source in Montenegro, upstream to the Potpeć Lake in Priboj where the massive build-ups of rubbish are created. Demonstrational collection of waste on the river banks revealed that the composition of waste is dominated by the plastic waste, with a share of 40%, which takes the longest to decompose in nature and as such, poses a significant danger and a long-term threat to “greener” Priboj. Following the end of the cleaning action, a screening of the short film “Renegades” (“Otpadnici”) was organized.


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