A meeting between representatives of local self-government and representatives of CSOs, the Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence (BFPE), the Belgrade Open School (BOS) and the Association of Citizens Primus from Priboj was held on November 4, at the Regional Innovation Startup Center in Priboj. The topic of the meeting was the drafting of a development plan for the local self-government unit, which all local self-governments are obliged to adopt according to the Law on the Planning System of the RS.

It was determined at the meeting that all strategic documents of the municipality of Priboj have expired, or will expire this year, and that it is necessary to strategically determine the direction of further development of the municipality. The participants have reached a consensus on the need to develop and adopt a development plan for the local self-government unit, which would be the umbrella strategic document in the municipality, and which would determine the development priorities of Priboj. They also agreed on the initial steps in this process. BOS and BFPE have offered their mentoring support in the development of the Priboj development plan, which the representatives of the local self-government consider to be of great importance, due to the limited capacities of the municipality and the large volume of work that the development of the plan brings. At the end of the meeting, it was concluded that the existence of political will in Priboj is crucial to start this process, and further meetings between representatives of the municipality and representatives of the civil sector were announced.

The meeting was organized as part of the dialogue at the local level that BOS and BFPE are conducting in Priboj during the first project year.

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