Under the slogan “Impact Forward”, the Social Innovations Forum will be organized on June 15 gathering impact-makers, social entrepreneurs, start-ups, organizations, companies and representatives from international organizations and governments with the aim to translate their ideas and energy into bigger impact and thus contribute to further growth of social economy.

The event will offer a dynamic and rich program that includes insightful and energizing panels, presentations and discussions with leading experts, social entrepreneurs and social investors.

The Social Innovations Forum is taking place on June 15 in Miljenko Dereta Conference Space in Belgrade. Participation in the event is free and all participants have to register via the Online Registration Form HERE. Deadline to Register is June 10.


During the conference, a networking session will be held within the “SDGs for All” Platform dedicated to the exchange of experiences between large, socially responsible companies and small and medium enterprises. The session will be organized in cooperation with large socially responsible companies from Serbia, such as Elixir and Delta Holding, but also companies from the European Union, such as Erste Group from Vienna. The topics to be discussed will include integration of sustainable development goals into business, inclusion of small and medium enterprises in large companies supply chains and access to finance.

Sustainable development for all

17 global goals

Guided by these goals, we work together to build a better future for all.

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