Sombor, January 28, 2022. – Smart Kolektiv and the Responsible Business Forum organized another in a series of workshops on the contribution of the corporate sector to the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals. The workshop gathered the representatives of local businesses from Sombor, Apatin and the neighboring communities.

The event provided an opportunity to the enterprises interested to find out more about aligning Sustainable Development Goals with everyday business operations, as well as to learn about the possibilities for cooperation and synergies within the “SDGs for All” Platform. Speakers at event were Neven Marinović, Executive Director of Smart Kolektiv and Responsible Business Forum, and Branislav Sekulić, entrepreneur, founder of the brand Vrtlari, who shared his experience in the field of connecting sustainable principles with everyday business.

Sustainable development for all

17 global goals

Guided by these goals, we work together to build a better future for all.

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