Belgrade, April 15, 2021 –  Responsible Business Forum and Smart Kolektiv held a workshop in Zajecar for the representatives of small and medium enterprises, about the role of business sector in achieving sustainable development goals. Neven Marinović, Executive Director of the Responsible Business Forum, Tijana Koprivica, Director of Sustainable Business at Delta Holding, Sanja Jović, Supervisor of Heineken and Vladimir Jovanović, expert for development of social banking at Erste Bank, spoke about sustainable business practices and the roles small and medium enterprises can play in achieving susatinable development. Coordinator for agriculture in Regional Chamber of Commerce Zajecar also addressed the participants.

Neven Marinović presented to the participants how to identify their contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals, and on that basis, achieve a comparative advantage on the market. Vladimir Jovanović pointed to a practice of financial institutions and investors that one of the conditions for allocating financial resources is demonstrated sustainability practices, and it is believed that more and more investments will be made into companies that implement sustainable business practices.

Tijana Koprivica spoke about the socially responsible practices of Delta Holding and the project “Our Village”, which is being implemented in two villages near Zajecar – Dubočani and Malo Jasikovo, and includes support for small farmers and revival of economic activity in the two villages. Sanja Jović shared with the participants why the circular economy, economical and careful use of resources, recycling and responsible waste management are important. The implementation of such principles in production is not only socially responsible, but companies in this way can save, improve their production and make their products more attractive.

The meeting was used to present the work of the Global Compact in Serbia and Responsible Business Forum, and the importance of these two entities for spreading knowledge, exchanging experiences and providing mutual support of companies that want to commit to sustainable business practices.

The representatives of small and medium enterprises from Zajecar talked about their business practices and contributions they make towards employees and the local community, but also about the challenges that companies face. Within the Platform, cooperation with companies will continue through the mentoring program, which aims at further capacity building and exchange of knowledge between the companies on the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda.


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