Within the 4th session of the Environmental Protection Committee of the National Assembly of Serbia, held on March 8, 2021, at which the Report on the State of the Environment in the Republic of Serbia in 2019 was reviewed, the proposal to hold a public hearing in the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia on March 22, 2021 was adopted. The topic of the public hearing will be: “Water purification and the role of local self-government in environmental protection”. This initiative came from the President of the Focus Group for the Development of Control Mechanisms for the Process of Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals MP Milorad Mijatovic.

The representative of the environmental  pillar, Lidija Radulovic (Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence), participated in the discussion and presented the “SDGs for All” Platform. In her address to the MPs, Ms. Radulović stated that “as a environmental pillar, we believe that any discussion on water purification as part of the SDG 6 is very important and we call on all stakeholders to respond for a broader dialogue on the 2030 Agenda”. You can find the entire session of the Committee for Environmental Protection HERE.

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